10 years of blockchain evolution turned into a revolution led by NATRIX.

The next generation hybrid blockchain born to serve compliance, enterprise financial sector requirements while still showing respect to the Satoshi principles.

Natrix offers an unprecedented enterprise solution to issues that financial sector participants often face regarding blockchain technology, such as compliance, banking secrecy, GDPR, integration, etc.
Known issue
  • API and SCA level PKI
  • Public systems are not suitable for enterprise or government use
  • API or application level permission and data handling, “plaintext” data storage
  • Storing sensitive client data
  • Rigid secrecy requirements
  • Integration complexity
Our solution
  • Inbuilt PKI on all levels
  • Suitable for enterprise and government use
  • Permission-based schema and data governance, full data encryption but with transparency support
  • GDPR ready data storing, customizable on data schema definition
  • Banking level secrecy with transparency
  • PSD2 complaint generic API engine
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Natrix blockchain is the platform under additional modules offering full range of services required by market participants:
  • secure file storage
  • finance: high performance analytics, credible customizable accounting, mirror accounting
  • realtime balance: high performance analytical bookings and balances
  • PSD2, GDPR Compliant data model
  • general ledger
  • reporting
  • and many more to come